Adlerian Theory and Psychotherapy: A History and Detailed Description

In this video, we discuss Adlerian Psychotherapy.
We start with a brief history of Alfred Adler and Individual Psychology, then we move on to all the different aspects of the framework.
This is a longer video but is very comprehensive.

Sections of this video include:
Brief Biography
Adler’s View of Human Nature
Adler’s Theory of Personality (Social Interest, Masculine Protest, Lifestyle, Goal-Directed, Purposeful Behaviour, Feelings of Inferiority, Striving for Superiority, Fictional Finalism, The Family Constellation, Birth Order)
Adler and Parenting Style
Adler’s Theory of Life Tasks
Adler and Healthy Mental Development
Adler and Development of Maladaptive Behaviour or Psychopathology (Safeguarding Tendencies)
The Therapeutic Relationship
Phases of Adlerian Therapy
Specific Therapy Techniques (Offering Encouragement, Asking “The Question”, Acting “As If”, Using Push-Button Technique, Catching Oneself, Task Setting, Brainstorming, “Spitting in the Client’s Soup”)
Multicultural Issues and Adlerian Therapy
Contributions of Adlerian Therapy
Limitations of the Adlerian Approach
And we end with a Summary.