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Ethics in Therapy, what can we expect…

Since I have heard from so many of you that you have had bad experiences in therapy I wanted to talk about what’s appropriate and what you can expect in your own therapy. The first being:
1. Boundaries: you should be able to learn some things in therapy and try them on your own. Your therapist shouldn’t be in touch with you every day or tell you it’s okay to hang out outside of therapy. We need to keep our therapeutic relationship safe and actually therapeutic. So notice if your therapist isn’t setting up safe boundaries for you. This could lead to you being hurt or not actually learning how to help yourself in the moment.
2. Setting expectations: Letting my clients know that therapy is a process, and it is their unique process. I cannot promise things will work out or get better in a short time frame. I can only promise that we will work together and do everything in our power to get through it. But because everyone situation is different, and we can only change what we do, I cannot promise things will turn out the way you had planned.
3. Being clear about the process. Letting my clients know how therapy works and that there are limitations to confidentiality is important. I don’t want it to be a surprise to them that I have to call CPS to report child abuse if that is something I feel is happening in their home. In order for our relationship to work, I need to be honest about these things.

I hope this helps you better prepare for therapy and know whether or not you have found one that is ethically sound. You have rights too! And you deserve to have a therapist that takes your treatment seriously 🙂



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