George Booty – Lectionary readings – Fresh Love – 2nd Dec 2018. #377

#377 Lectionary Readings 2 Dec 2018. Psalm 25:1-9. Jeremiah 33: 14-16. 1 Thessalonians 3: 9-13. Lukas Gospel 21: 25-36.
Starting with Psalm 25, this is about David’s heart for God. These words help us Recognise we are unique souls, and each one of us lives in a body and is alive or dead in the heart (the spirit of man) The inner consciousness or relatedness to God (through our soul qualities of LOVE) desires to commune with God and transcend ourselves (our senses). Our hardened heart/spirit is disconnected and needs to be close to God. Our renewed heart/spirit yearns for God to show us his ways and to live right to please God. Jeremiah’s Prophesy is showing us regard to the fact that God will redeem us, the LORD IS OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. In 1 Thess, Paul writes, how Thankful and full of Joy they are for their church members and for their increase and for love to be great among them and for others in the same way that Paul and his group of ministers have shown to them.
Jesus speaking from the Gospel of Luke the physician says be watchful and look for the signs as you do when you notice the seasons, to be ready and expectant of Christ’s return and knowing also that the Kingdom of God is near. It is so near that God has shown them already by sending his only son Jesus. Also to recognise that this will be the time of redemption of Gods people. And a warning not to get caught up ion carousing and drunkeness and all the things that are going on in this life, the cares, etc. Let others worry about all that you just serve and follow God and honour God with your lives. Amen.Please share these videos to spread the Gospel. Subscribe – George Booty Ministries International Web site: Email: