Group Psychotherapy in Inpatient, Partial Hospital, and Residential Care Settings | APA Books

This book describes six therapy models that can be used to treat individuals in facilities that offer short-term group psychotherapy.

Group psychotherapy can be daunting, especially for students and others who have not led groups before. Choosing a model of therapy can be especially tricky.

The best therapy, as authors Virginia Brabender and April Fallon explain in this book, is one that meshes well with the needs of the patient population, the therapist, and the environment in which treatment is taking place. They also emphasize the key role of process — the interactions between and among group members and the therapist — in the mechanics of group psychotherapy.

For each approach — interpersonal, psychodynamic, cognitive behavior, acceptance and commitment, problem solving, and behavioral therapies — the authors examine theoretical underpinnings, characteristic interventions, relevant research, strengths and weaknesses across different clinical contexts, and the unique demands of the therapy setting.

Filled with vivid clinical vignettes, the authors demonstrate how therapists can choose, adapt, and implement the model most suited for their group.

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