How do you do “Mental Health?” | The AskMidwestAnxiety Show 42

Went to the Country Club Plaza this morning to soak up the KC culture and keep finding ways to put mental health into our KC community. Stopped in Starbucks to soak up the good holiday vibes, do some paperwork, make phone calls. Really liking the way I’ve started doing my mornings. Getting out into our community puts my mind in a creative place of thinking about ways we can continue to make “mental health” apart of our culture. I went LIVE from Shake Shake on Facebook and Instagram to discuss my belief that we all struggle. Some of us struggle more than others, but we all struggle with something. I believe this is the way to “normalize” mental health. To shift our culture from thinking about “mental illness” to “mental health.” It is not us vs. the “mentally ill.” It is all of us. We all have mental health. There are many ways to do “mental health.” Psychotherapy and medication are not the only ways. My hope is that you will find YOUR way of letting go of the negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that hold you back from getting the most out of your life.

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