How To Prepare For The Holidays When You Have A Toxic Family

For most people the holidays are a special time, when they get to gather and connect with their family members. As special as these occasions can be, we all know a family—it might even be your family—for whom get-togethers are often fraught with drama, strife and crazy-making behavior. Whether you have one toxic family member who lives for the drama or several family members who are hard to tolerate or behave in ways that make your blood boil; you have the power to get through the holidays without allowing a negative family member to steal your joy or cause you to isolate yourself from the rest of the family members whom you do want to spend time with during the holidays. And if you so choose to …You also have every right to decline to go to family gatherings that are fraught with tension and negativity.

In this video, I share 9 strategies that you can use to keep yourself sane and dignified if you choose to attend a family gathering where a negative family member or members will be present too. And always remember that you have every right to decline the family gathering if you don’t want to go.

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