How to start a coaching business. Getting Started For Therapists Who Want to Coach

Feeling frustrated with insurance, the mental health industry, burned out, curious?

Here are the top 10 questions and answers based on dozens of people who are thinking of either transitioning or adding coaching to their private practice.

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1: Why should I add coaching?


2: Pitching, selling, saying buy my stuff & Ethics: say no to manipulations

3: Visibility & Sharing: boundaries are different with coaching

4: Money: talking it, your baggage around it, allowing yourself to make sh*t tons of it!


5: Market: Who? Where? How?

6: Sell: What do I sell? packages? pricing?

7: Delivery: How? online? in person?


8: Legal et. al.: what about the license?

9: Getting their money…before services?

10: Customer care: f/u, lost prospects, maintenance