Insurance Therapy v. Physical Therapy

In this video, Dr. Joses Ngugi and Dr. Javier Carlin discuss the struggles of dealing with insurance companies in PT and how you can still add value to both your patients and yourself as a New Grad PT. By implementing these skills, you are not only positively impacting the view of physical therapists but the PT profession as a whole.
If you are on the go, this video is also available as a podcast in the link below!
We Help New Grad Physical Therapists become confident clinicians, increase their worth as PTs and take control of their finances without burning out or needing 10+ years of experience.

Unfortunately, the “system” is not set up for us to win… luckily for us, there are strategies to avoid the frustrations we have on a daily basis. This is what we teach New Grad PTs like you every day.

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