ISTDP Psychotherapy Training Course Dr Patricia Coughlin Boston-NYC, Short-Term Dynamic Therapy Grps

ISTDP Psychotherapy Training Course Dr Patricia Coughlin Boston -NYC, Short-Term Dynamic Therapy Group Classes NYC Patricia Coughlin, PhD- Licensed Clinical Psychologist .Psychotherapy training groups in ISTDP taking place in Boston, beginning in 2018 with Dr. Patricia Coughlin. . The best therapists embody the changes they attempt to facilitate in their patients. In other words, they practice what they preach and are an authentic and engaged, as well as highly skilled, presence. Maximizing Effectiveness in Dynamic Psychotherapy demonstrates how and why therapists can and must develop the specific skills and personal qualities required to produce consistently effective results. The six factors now associated with brain change and positive outcome in psychotherapy are front-and-center in this volume. Each is elucidated and illustrated with detailed, verbatim case transcripts. In addition, a method of treatment that incorporates all these key factors — Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) — is introduced to the reader. Therapists of every stripe can learn to develop and integrate the clinical skills presented in this book in order to improve their interventions, enhance effectiveness, and, ultimately, help more patients in a deeper and more-lasting fashion. Hardcover •Currently, she is conducting training groups in New York, Australia, Denmark, and Poland. Her first book, Intensive Short term Dynamic Psychotherapy: Theory and Technique, is considered a classic in the field.Training Opportunities and Events In additional to offering individual supervision, Dr. Coughlin provides various training options for licensed mental health professionals interested in mastering the theory and techniques of Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. Eight to twelve participants are required for a core training group to form. Core training involves a three-year commitment and includes four three-day intensive blocks of training and supervision each year. These trainings are approved by the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA). All participants must be licensed mental health professionals currently treating adult patients.
In addition to core training, which provides practitioners with a foundation in the theory and technique of ISTDP, a number of advanced training options are available for those who have successfully completed core training with Dr. Coughlin or any other IEDTA approved supervisor and trainer. These options include: an advanced clinical group, for those interested in continuing to hone their technical skills; teacher training, for those interested in teaching the basics to others, whether in a University setting or in private training groups; and supervisory training for those who want to train and supervise other mental health professionals in the application of ISTDP in clinical populations. This supervision group includes training on how to run cohesive groups that optimize the learning environment.
“Training with Dr. Patricia Coughlin has been a life-transforming experience. Her unswerving commitment to the learning process of each trainee creates an environment that dialectic of the open heart and the precision of science. She has been my most important teacher and guide, personally and professionally. She is hardworking and sincere in everything she does. Yet she blesses everyone with her good humor and wit. I have only had good experiences with her for four years where I have had the good fortune of being her student and trainee, and she has become my friend. Ask me to whom would I send my loved ones for psychotherapeutic help or education and her name will be the first on the list.” — Torben Palmer Hansen, Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice, Denmark