Latest Research in “Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy” from Glen Gabbard, M.D. | APA Publishing

Glen O. Gabbard, M.D. discusses his book, “Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, A Basic Text, Third Edition”.

“Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Basic Text” takes a hands-on approach, focusing on the fundamental principles for the benefit of training in a variety of mental health fields. Glen O. Gabbard, M.D., one of the foremost authorities on psychotherapy, recognizes the common dilemmas experienced by beginning therapists and students, and has designed the book so that the case examples are directly applicable to learning and practice.

This new, meticulously updated edition offers the latest research on the foundations, techniques, and efficacy of psychodynamic psychotherapy, while still providing the basic information on assessment, indications, formulations, therapist interventions, goals of therapy, and mechanisms of therapeutic action that all mental health professionals require in order to provide excellent care.

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