Life lessons from a psychoanalyst: Matheos Yosafat at TEDxAthens 2012

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About speaker:

Matheos Yosafat graduated from Athens University of Medical Studies in 1963 and acquired his neuropsychiatry specialty diploma in 1967. He then left for further studies in London where he remained for 15 years. It was there that he acquired several diplomas in Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry. He was elected Director of the National Health System ( Center of Child and Family Psychiatry, Finchley London). He taught at the Towistock Center and at London University (medical Graduate Center) as a Senior Lecturer. He had a 5 year training in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy and a 4 year training in Group and Family Therapy. Upon his return in Greece he was elected director of Children’s Psychiatric Hospital of Attica. He was one of the main founders of the Greek Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy Association, where training courses are given for psychoanalysis treatments and the Greek Association of Group Therapy and Family Therapy of which he is president and director for the Educational Institute. He is a regular member of International Research & Science Centers and he has participated in writing many scientific books and numerous articles. He was the main lecturer for various centers abroad (Oxford Univerity, London School of Economics etc) as well as hospitals , scientific centers, Megaron Plus Lectures etc.
He is also the co-founder of the Hellenic Society of Child Psychiatry, where he is also the first elected President.

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