Online Therapy Sessions – Psychotherapy without medication

Online Therapy Sessions – Psychotherapy without medication. Visit my online therapy website: and contact me to ask your questions about online therapy. I will be happy to answer your questions and when you feel ready, you can schedule a Skype therapy session with me.

Discover how mindfulness therapy can help you more effectively control anxiety and depression. See a Therapist Online through Skype for highly effective online mindfulness-based therapy for Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression, Social Anxiety Disorder and Agoraphobia, OCD and intrusive thoughts, Addictions, including eating disorders, PTSD or any other forms of emotional stress not requiring treatment by a medical professional. Email me to learn more about this online psychotherapy service and to book a Skype therapy session with me.

This online counseling therapy service is available world-wide, including the USA, UK and Europe. All you need is a reliable internet connection and you are ready to begin Skype therapy with me.

My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional registered therapist based in Boulder, Colorado, USA. I offer online therapy sessions via Skype. With the advent of videoconferencing over the internet it’s now possible to talk to a therapist online and see him or her in real-time. It’s really just the same as if you were in the office together. I’ve been offering online counseling for several years now. As far as I’m concerned there is no real difference between online or in-person therapy, especially if you’re teaching some form of cognitive therapy or mindfulness therapy, as I teach, where the emphasis is on teaching skills for working with difficult emotions. This can be transmitted online through Skype just as well as it can face-to-face in the office.

Online Psychotherapy Sessions
Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I provide psychotherapy sessions online for the treatment of anxiety and depression and addictions and many other common psychological and emotional problems that you may be experiencing.

So these online therapy sessions that I offer use Skype, which means that we can see each other as well as talk to each other in real time. And that’s really important to make sure that the communication is optimal. If you can see each other as well as speak to each other using Skype, there is really no different at all from meeting with a psychotherapist in person in an office. And I have found over the years that my clients tend to prefer the convenience of online therapy sessions. They like the fact that they can stay at home in a much more comfortable setting than going to a therapist’s office. And that’s important because psychotherapy is a very subtle process and you need to feel comfortable. You need to feel like you are in control and that you feel safe and really there’s no better place than in your own home.

So if you’re interested in online psychotherapy sessions and would like to overcome anxiety and depression without medications, without using the medical approach of prescription medications then this may be the ideal option you to look at. Do please send me an e-mail and ask any questions you have about online therapy sessions with me. I’m very happy to answer your questions ahead of time. And when you are ready you can schedule therapy over Skype with me. It’s very easy to get started. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop or even a mobile phone and you can have a Skype therapy session.

I work primarily with anxiety and depression during the online therapy sessions and generally you can expect to see significant changes within the first three to four sessions. That’s because I use a very practical and very focused approach quite different than conventional talk therapy or counseling. The approach that I use is called Mindfulness Therapy and you can certainly learn more about mindfulness therapy by visiting my website. But I’d be happy to explain to you how this works. Basically it teaches you how to break that habit of becoming overwhelmed by reactive thinking and rumination and reactive emotions. All of these processes are essentially habitual in nature and anxiety is created by habitual reactions and these can be changed through mindfulness therapy.

Online Therapy Sessions – Learn how to overcome anxiety

Distance Therapy for Anxiety and Depression – Online Therapy Sessions 

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