Pedophilia Is A Natural Sexual Orientation | Mirjam Heine | TEDxUniversityofWürzburg

TedX is trying to hide their most recent video from YouTube due to the excessive negative feedback. They’ve been actively issuing copyright notices to any uploads of this video, even though it is licensed under Creative Commons.

Not only are they trying to shove this down the memory hole, YouTube algorithms are automatically blocking the original video before it can even be published. I had to edit this video and re-encode it in order to get past the algorithms.


You thought “bake the cake” was bad? Just wait for “hire the babysitter”. The pedo baby sitter who goes to his monthly therapy session to “control his urges”. If you don’t hire the pedo baby sitter, you will be a “pedophobe” bigot. They want “pedophobe” to become the new “transphobe”. They want it to be against the law to discriminate against pedophiles, and that includes hiring them for jobs where they will be around children. They want it to be taboo and illegal to shame pedophilia and to have the right to discriminate against associating with pedophiles. What’s after that, you say? They will then argue that children can “consent”. The left is already saying that even toddlers can “consent”. They will then argue that since children can “consent”, that pedophiles having sex with children is just fine, if the child “consents”. Then they will teach your children in elementary school during sex ed. that they have the freedom to “consent” to sex with adults, just like they have the freedom to “choose” to become the opposite gender, take experimental hormone medication, and lop off their genitals. This is what is down the pike. This is what we are fighting against, right now. Don’t be fooled by the people saying that we can “make the children safer” by “not judging pedophiles” so they can “get help”. If someone needs special counseling and medication to prevent them from raping a child (or an adult, for that matter) they do not have a “different sexual orientation”, they have a serious mental illness and are a threat to society. We must not give a single inch to the pedophile normalization agenda.