Red Pill 101 Ep.3 – Transactional vs. Validational Sex

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EPISODE 3 – Transactional vs. Validational Sex

Pat and I discuss the differences between, and reasons for, women’s dualistic approach to sex with Alpha men vs. Beta men. What prompts a woman to engage in sex that’s now being called “Enthusiastic Consent” versus the “Grey Area” sex she has but later regrets/resents? A new and dangerous precedent is being set with regards to what constitutes sexual consent. No Means No, Yes Means Yes, are now replaced with an ambiguous definition of what it means fora woman to be ‘enthusiastic’ about sex.

What are the differences between sex that validates a woman’s ego and sex that has a transactional purpose? Why is sex an active, bartered, exchange for the majority (80%+) of Beta men?

We’ll explore these questions and how evolved Hypergamy fits into the equation in this episode.


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