Skype Therapy Sessions for Help with Recovery from Anxiety & Depression

Skype Therapy Sessions for Help with Recovery from Anxiety & Depression. Go to to schedule a Skype therapy session with me to learn how to control anxiety, panic attacks and depression more effectively, and without the use of medications.

Learn how to break free from anxiety or depression. See a Therapist Online using Skype for highly effective online psychotherapy for Anxiety Disorders and Depression, Social Anxiety Disorder and Agoraphobia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Addictions, including eating disorders, Post-traumatic stress or any other emotional problems that do not require medical treatment. Email me to discover more about this online therapy service and to arrange for a online Skype therapy session with me.

This online therapy service is available world-wide, including the USA, UK and Europe. All you need is a reliable internet connection and you can start online psychotherapy with Dr.Peter Strong.

Skype Therapy Sessions – Therapy via Skype
Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I offer Skype therapy sessions for the treatment of anxiety and Skype therapy sessions for working with panic attacks and many other common anxiety disorders that don’t require medical treatment. Most anxiety responds extremely well to the process of Mindfulness Therapy, which is what I offer during these therapy sessions.

Mindfulness teaches you how to break free from that tendency to become identified with your anxiety. This is the biggest problem that we face when we’re trying to break free from anxiety. We get sucked into our anxiety, we literally become the anxiety itself. What we need to do is trying to develop a conscious relationship with our emotions. We need to become like the caring parent to our anxiety, instead of just becoming swallowed up by the anxiety. This is what we train in during the Skype therapy sessions that I offer for the treatment of anxiety and also depression. It’s not that difficult, but it does require some guidance on how to do this, on how to build a conscious and also a friendly relationship with your anxiety.

The friendliness aspect is very important because the more friendly you become the better the relationship, and the better the relationship with your anxiety, the freer you will become from the grip of the anxiety. So friendliness actually aids the process of becoming free from your anxiety. You do this by actually meditating on how anxiety you learn how to hold anxiety within the mind without becoming reactive and without becoming swallowed up by the anxiety, without becoming reactive and identified.

In technical terms this is often referred to as mindfulness-based affect tolerance. So we are learning to tolerate the anxiety without becoming reactive and without feeding that anxiety.

If you’d like to learn more about how to apply mindfulness for healing anxiety and depression, as well, then please go to my website and email me to schedule a Skype therapy session. Therapy via Skype is very effective and mindfulness therapy works very well online. So I look forward to hearing from you.

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Skype therapy sessions using Mindfulness for Anxiety & Depression

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Online Therapy – Skype Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

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