TU 22: Love Letter To Group Psychotherapy


Love Letter To Group Psychotherapy
Show Notes
Co-hosts Sue Marriott and Patty Olwell interview colleagues at the American Group Psychotherapy 2016 Association Annual Meeting in New York. They talk about why they love group therapy and why it is so valuable to their clients. We want to thank our interviewees for their help and insights.
Interviewees for Love Letter To Group Psychotherapy

* Tammy Brown – Austin TX tammybrowntherapy.com
* Jamie Moran – San Francisco CA jamiemoran.com
* Rita Drapkin – Indiana University of Pennsylvania (724)357-2621
* Pierre Choucroun – Austin TX Pierre M Choucroun on Psychology Today
* Kelly Inselmann – Austin TX kellyinselmann.com
* Liz Rosenblatt – Los Angeles CA Dr Elizabeth Rosenblatt on LAGPA

Additional resources for this episode:

* Austin Group Psychotherapy Society: Organization that promotes group therapy and provides training for clinicians
* American Group Psychotherapy Association:  National organization that promotes group therapy as a cost effective and clinical valuable treatment.
* Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy Scott Rutan Walter Stone and Joseph Shay. These are masters of group. Excellent text for therapists and others eager to learn about group. You can trust these authors.
* These and other resources have been collected for you on our Resources page!