What is SOMATIC EXPERIENCING in Trauma Therapy?


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Somatic experiencing is a part of trauma therapy which can be used to treat depression, body memories, flashbacks, panic attacks, etc. Since PTSD can express itself in many ways, trauma treatment has to be able to work on many various symptoms. Somatic experiencing works to gather all of the information we have about a trauma and put it in to a nice cohesive narrative or story.

Before this can be done we have to calm out system down so that our amygdala (that fire alarm Alexa talks about) stops going off. This is what Peter Levine (the man who created Somatic Experiencing) worked on. He noticed how animals in the wild would run away from a predator or scary event, and once in a safe place they would physically shake off the stress they felt. They are innately wired to bring their body back to baseline. Since we as humans can’t always shake off the trauma or dysregulation that we may feel, we have to find ways to bring ourselves back into that resilient zone so that we can begin putting our cohesive narrative together.

The other videos that Alexa and I did will offer more tips and tools on how to bring yourself back to that resilient zone and to get our amygdala to stop sounding the alarm. By shutting that alarm off, we can begin the work to heal from our past trauma’s by putting all the pieces together. I hope you found this helpful! Thank you to all my Patreon Patron’s who made these videos with Alexa possible! This is the last one in our series together, and I hope they helped you better understand trauma and it’s treatment! xox

Links to my breathing technique vid: https://youtu.be/Apkg1cKDyyA
Link to website Alexa talked about: https://traumahealing.org/

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