Are You A Good Fit For Group Therapy?

For certain people, group therapy is a better treatment than individual therapy. So a really important question to answer for yourself is if YOU are a good fit for group therapy. This video explains what makes a person a better fit for group therapy than individual therapy. (More description below).


Group therapy can be for anyone, but there usually three primary reasons group would be a good fit for you:
(1) If shame is a significant part of your concerns. Group therapy can provide you the chance to feel like you truly matter and belong..and to have this experience over and over again.
(2) If you have some significant interpersonal components to your concerns. For example, social anxiety, poor relationship patterns, or a desire to develop assertiveness. Many groups (especially Interpersonal Process Groups) are very focused on helping members improve their interpersonal skills and ability to develop strong, meaningful, and emotionally intimate relationships.
(3) If you want to improve your emotional management. A large focus of most groups is connecting to your emotional experiences in the here-and-now moments of group and practicing how to better handle, and communicate, your emotions.

There are also some reasons why you might NOT be a good fit for group therapy.
(1) If you might drop out early (for any reason…logistics, maladaptive relationship patterns, low interest in group).
(2) If you simply don’t want to do group therapy. One of the best predictors success in group is if you WANT it and BELIEVE group therapy will be helpful, while a predictor of having a poor experience would be not wanting it and believing it won’t be helpful.
(3) If you are not a fit for a specific group at a specific time. For example, maybe everyone in the group is over 60 years old and you are 25. Or your current relationship patterns are too maladaptive and would hold the group back for too long. Notice, these are not reasons that group therapy in general is not a good fit, but that you might not fit with a specific therapists group at a specific time. This is why there is an “on-boarding” process with therapy groups to help ensure that you are a fit for the current composition of the group.

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