Are you prepared for the personal cost of Counselling & Psychotherapy Training?

Cathy has very kindly agreed to spend an hour talking with us about her new book “What You Really Need to Know about Counselling and Psychotherapy Training: An Essential Guide”

Becoming a counsellor or psychotherapist is a transformative and life-changing experience. Some trainees manage this process well, while others struggle to come to terms with the personal impact of their training. In What You Really Need to Know about Counselling and Psychotherapy Training, Cathy McQuaid provides an in-depth but accessible guide to the processes of understanding individual motivations for wanting to undertake training and choosing the most appropriate course.

Backed by extensive research, the book explains the training process from beginning to end, covering topics including:

* Entry requirements, course curriculum and terms and conditions of training

* The training relationship and group process

* The challenges of training

* The outcomes of counselling and psychotherapy training

McQuaid leads the reader through the process of choosing a course, working with the course leader and with a group of peers and considering potential employment prospects upon completion. Prompting the reader to consider their own personal, professional and educational needs within the framework of training, this is essential reading for anyone thinking of training as a counsellor or psychotherapist and for trainers and training course providers.