Art Therapy The Person Centred Way

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Art Therapy the Person-Centred Way

Liesl Silverstone demonstrates the theory of Person-Centred Art Therapy.

After an introduction about the background and theory of Person-Centred Art Therapy, Liesl Silverstone offers an art therapy exercise. She demonstrates the approach by working with two women and their images. Then, as ‘tutor’, she watches two women work together with an image as ‘counsellor’ and ‘client’. The underlying philosophy of person-centred art therapy is that it is a creative mode to keep us away from cerebral, verbal, judgmental processes, and into the here and now world of imagination, intuition and inspiration.

The paradox applies that by thinking less, it is possible to know more. By making visible our images, we can tap into material from the subconscious, which is denied to the forefront of our awareness, and gain valuable insights leading to growth, self-awareness and integration. Liesl Silverstone has many years’ experience as tutor, counsellor and art therapist. She has worked in this way with adults, children and educationally disadvantaged adults, in groups, with individuals, and for herself, and was the founder of the Person-Centred Art Therapy Centre in London.

Carl Rogers was her course consultant and wrote an effective course in person-centred art therapy based on the philosophy which empowers the person and helps make them more self-directed. “Excellent outline of theory and methodology skilfully done” – student of counselling.

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