Christian counseling: What is it and why do you need it?

Christian counseling available with me anywhere in Texas through online counseling. A few spots left.

What makes for a Christian counselor, or a Biblical psychologist? How is the difference between a Christian counselor and a counselor who just happens to be a Christian? I explain the differences and why you should use a Christian therapist who is distinctly Christian. We all need help, even Christians.
Answers the questions: Christian counseling and why do you need it?
Does it matter if my counselor is christian?
Can Psychology Be Christian?
Should I go see a Christian counselor?
Should my counselor use the Bible?
What is Biblical Counseling?
Should I go see a Christian Counselor?

Are you in a terrible Storm of Life (Grief, divorce, medical issues)? Is your faith in God important to you? Let me help you use your Biblical Christian faith to bring you peace in that storm.

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