Comparison Of The Different Therapies Currently Available To Treat BPD: Prof Brin Grenyer

8th Annual National BPD Conference 2018 in Brisbane: Research Resources Respect: Connection Building.

The National Health and Medical Research Council published in 2012 the Clinical practice guideline for the management of borderline personality disorder. This presentation provides an overview of the clinical practice guideline and the specific recommendations for treatment of BPD. There are a number of therapy types that have been evaluated including Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mentalisation Based Therapy and Transference Focused Therapy. In addition, there are a number of treatments that innovate with different durations of therapy, generalised approaches, targets for special groups, and multi-modal approaches. In addition, cost-benefit data provides further evidence for specific types of approaches. The presentation will review the different models of treatment, overview their clinical effectiveness, and provide general guidelines for what are the key considerations in seeking and providing effective treatment of BPD.

Professor Brin Grenyer
Brin Grenyer is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Wollongong and Director of the Project Air Strategy for Personality Disorders, in partnership with NSW Health. He is also Foundation Chair of the Psychology Board of Australia. He was a member of the NHMRC Borderline Personality Disorder Guideline Development Committee, and is on the RANZCP Advisory Group for a Consumer Guide on Borderline Personality Disorder. He is on the Editorial Boards of Psychotherapy Research and Personality and Mental Health, and is active in clinical practice and research through Northfields Psychology Clinic.