Does Therapy Really Work?

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In this first interview of the Missing Link, I, Ivana Richey, am interviewing Esther Forrester.

In this episode, the focus is on happiness, passion, and help (therapy and support groups).

Esther started therapy early in elementary, but found that it never gave her what she desired. She never got any concrete strategies; personal opinion, advice, and opinions were shared across all 5+ therapists she had growing up.

With a big passion for tennis, personal-development, and helping others, Esther instead turned to support groups because she wanted to learn from people who had been in similar situations and experienced similar things in life.

Esther shares with us how she’s found much more value in her support groups and coaching than she did in therapy.

She shares with us how therapy is limited to one meeting only with no interaction, no communication until the next meeting. While coaching is different as the coach allows you to reach out to him/her in between the meetings to discuss strategies, techniques, or any new challenges.

Esther also talks about how she believes firmly that most women struggle with body image. She shares what specific steps she took to overcome that challenge herself. The key strategy for her has been mindful eating.

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