Getting It: The Psychology of est

00:00:00 Introduction : Getting It: The Psychology of est
00:02:01 Part 1: Background
00:03:49 Part 2: Author
00:05:53 Part 3: Contents
00:09:33 Part 4: Reception
00:13:33 Postscript : Information about this video and recording.
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00:00:00 Albert Ketèlbey: In a Monastery Garden (Markus Staab)

00:04:44 Camille Saint-Saëns: The Carnival of The Animals – II. Hens & Roosters (Seattle Youth Symphony)

00:05:32 Antonio Vivaldi: Violin Concerto, RV 297 ʼWinterʼ – Complete Concerto (Fm) (European Archive)

00:14:49 Anonymous: Alle Psallite Cum Luya (European Archive)