Group therapy why I felt it was very helpful.

William Wieting, 54 (2018) has suffered 3 major depressions in his life and wants to help people struggling with MAJOR Depression. He is not a licensed therapist or a Psychologist. But he has empathy for depressed people because he has experience and learned how to fight his depressive thoughts. This video series will have many tools to help you, if you feel you are in a deep hole without light and just can’t find hope, these videos can help you.

I hope you find these simple tips help you on your path to freedom from depression and isolation. I find that almost everyone I have met with depression isolate themselves. It’s a slippery slope that feeds on itself. If you do nothing you slowly get worse and it can lead to suicidal fantasies or worse . The more you isolate the worse you feel. I felt that with what I have learned, it would be disservice not sharing to those isolated and depressed. The videos are a way of getting tools to help you in the privacy of your computer, tablet or smartphone, etc. This could be the first step to feel better and want to start to socialize.

I hope this video helped you.
— William Wieting