Making Sense Of Projective Identification | Psychotherapy In White Plains + Online

Have you ever felt extremely overwhelmed and uncomfortable with an interaction or situation that wasn’t very severe at all? It may be Projective Identification and here I attempt to make sense of it.

• Online and Video Counseling
• Couples, Premarital, and Marriage counseling
• Recovering From A Narcissist Counseling
• Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling
• Therapy For Therapists
• Seasonal and Holiday Stress Counseling
• Trauma and Haunted History Counseling
• Psychoanalysis (2-4 times/week)
• Group Therapy (entrepreneurs)
• Psychosocial Assessment and Diagnosis (2-3 sessions)

Daniel S. Sokal is a licensed psychotherapist and counselor offering patients of all backgrounds a wide of personalized therapy solutions both Online and in-person at our White Plains, NY office.

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