Near-Death Experiencer Barbara Harris Whitfield’s Workshop at Findhorn


Integration & Liberation
A workshop presented during Findhorn’s 2015 “We Do Not Die” Conference
Tuesday, October 2, 2015

Near-death experiencer Barbara Harris Whitfield discusses the important discoveries that she (and her husband Charles Whitfield) have made after decades of seeking to understand and integrate spiritually transformative experiences.

Barbara Harris Whitfield is a therapist, workshop presenter, near-death experiencer, and respiratory and massage therapist. She was on the faculty of Rutgers University’s Institute for Alcohol and Drug Studies for 12 years teaching on the after effects of spiritual awakenings. Barbara was research assistant to psychiatry professor Bruce Greyson, the director of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) at the University of Connecticut Medical School, studying the spiritual, psychological, physical and energetic after effects of the near-death experience. She is past president and a member of the board of the Kundalini Research Network and has sat on the executive board of IANDS. She is a consulting editor and contributor for the Journal of Near-Death Studies. Barbara was a key subject in Kenneth Ring’s groundbreaking book on the near-death experience, Heading Toward Omega. He writes about her again in his latest book Lessons From the Light. She presented talks on the near-death experience to a group in the Capital in Washington, DC and also the United Nations in New York. Barbara lives in Georgia with her husband, where they share a private practice providing individual and group psychotherapy for trauma survivors and people with addictions and other problems in living.

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To order copies of Barbara’s books:

Spiritual Awakenings (1995)

AFGEs: A Guide for Self-awareness and Change (2013)

The Natural Soul (2010)

The Power of Humility: Choosing Peace over Conflict in Relationships (2006)

Final Passage: Sharing the Journey as This Life Ends (1998)

Spiritual Awakenings: Insights of the Near-Death Experience and Other Doorways to Our Soul (1995)

Full Circle: The Near-Death Experience and Beyond (1993)

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