Supertight Couch – Ten Minutes to Tight for Private Practice Therapists. Next Level Success.

Brand Specialization for Therapists
Next Level Success for Therapists in Private Practice Workshop.
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Therapists: You are at one of two stages, looking to move to the next level, and we show you how in this workshop. You are either at Stage One, where you are working on building a thriving private practice, or you are at Stage Two, where you already have that thriving private practice so you are looking to expand your brand and your thought leadership through a book, a course, consulting, or a public speaking career. In this workshop we demonstrate what this looks like by taking two therapists (one at each stage) through the “Holy Trinity” of a Supertight therapy brand. No matter which stage you are at, your access to next level success is through expanding your brand presence as a certain kind of specialist!
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