The Truth About My Schizophrenia *major trigger warning* 🖤

Hey guys. This is really hard for me to upload. I really hope that this either helps you or educates you on any one of these topics. While this is my story, want you to realize that every single case is different, and that no two people suffering with the same mental illness suffer the exact same way. Mental health is something that I’m so passionate about, and if you suffer with anything at all, I’m here for you and I love you. I’m nervous to upload this, but at the end of the day, this topic needs to be talked about. I’m very heavily inspired by Niki DeMartino’s “The Truth About” series, which is why I’m going to title my video in the same way. I know that this topic is very hard for a lot of people to hear about or talk about, so I want to try to be that person you can relate to, as I did with Channon Rose.

Please don’t send hate or negative things with this video. I understand completely if you don’t like what I have to say about it, and that’s your own journey and beliefs ❤️ This is for the people who need to hear someone else say it, like I did in my worst time. Please try to understand that if you don’t agree with my story.

xx Megan