The What if game… How You Could be the Champion of Your Mind


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Do you know that the What if… game can be used to leverage your personal growth? I always believed that fantasy games like the What if… game were just that, fantasy. However, Kai-Zen principles support the notion of taking small steps to make incremental changes and the What if… game allows for the initial expansion needed to make lasting changes. In this video we will look at how the What if… exercise will help you to expand, as well as, rewire your brain.

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About Kai-Zen Consciousness: Let me show you how to optimize your new mindset for mastery so that you can have the greatest impact on your world. With real world exercises I will show you not only “how-to” but “WHY-to.” As you uncover your own value system, the truth of your voice will emerge. Your transformation is what the world needs at this time. Kaizen is Japanese for continuous improvement, be it large or small. I incorporated the basics of Kaizen into Kai-Zen Consciousness, which can be applied to business, healthcare, psychotherapy, life coaching, government, banking, logistics and other industries, as well as, various areas of your personal life.


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