Yvonne Pouget – 22nd International Congress Renovabis 2018 St. Adalbert – Berlin

The video shows the second part of Yvonne Pouget´s first dance during the evening prayer; Music: „Lengua Serpentina“ / Concetta Barra

Information on the dance elements by Yvonne Pouget
22nd International Congress Renovabis 2018 | 26th September 2018.

Performance during the evening prayer:

First dance:
„Anima Nuda – the blank creature“. An allegory that stands for both trojects of victims and perpetrator. The figure wanders through rage – grief – pain – split-off remembrance – agony – catharsis.
Music: Mix from „Tarantella di Sannicandro“ (Pino De Vittorio CD) and baroque Live Ensemble (own record-ing from the Museum for Replicas of classical Sculptures, Munich 2004) as well as „Lengua Serpentina“ / Concetta Barra

The 22nd International Congress Renovabis did took place 26th and 27th September 2018 at the Katholische Akademie in Berlin and did treat the subject Remembrance and Departure. Paths towards Reconciliation in Europe.

In light of the crises that currently dominate the European world of states it is necessary to think about its causes that date back well into the 20th century. Frequently, hidden problems come to light, barely scarred wounds break open. But old and new conflicts can only be solved if there is the willingness for an honest dialogue and a genuine reconciliation. The congress will approach the complex topic area by means of presentations, panel discussions and workshops.

YVONNE POUGET (born 1967) is a freelance artist, choreographer, director and dancer, fur-thermore she works as a natural health professional in the field of psychotherapy; she is a member of the DGT (German Society for Dance Therapy). During her internationally successful 27 years lasting artistic carrer she pursued an intensive research on different systems of motion and possibili-ties in order to nonverbally express oneself by the help of the body and to communicate with the environment. She manages to transform personal emotions into universal ones, and thus makes spiritual worlds accessible to the audience. The spectator is thereby clearly prompted to introspect her-/himself in order to rediscover the respect for the own being, with everything that means to be human. During the past 17 years she furthermore intensively and scientifically devoted herself to the subjects of post-traumatic stress disorders, dissociation, female body image disorders and the passing on of post-war traumata to the next generations. Yvonne Pouget rightly is considered an expert and pioneer for the implementation of those demanding subjects. Her works on the subject „trauma and trauma subsequent disorders“, illustrated by means of expression and dance, have an excellent reputation worldwide.
Besides the artistic dealing with those subjects the artist, trained by Ko Murobushi and Charlotta Ikeda in the Japanese Butoh dance, developed Fascial Flow Training & Fascial Flow Touch as body centred forms of therapy. In 2016, the executive board of the German-speaking Society for Psy-chotraumatology (DeGPT) invited her as an expert for its newly founded task group for „body ori-ented procedures in the field of trauma therapy“.

Further information: www.yvonnepouget.com and